At Econ home, we put our client above all else. Econ Home was founded on the premise of helping Builders, Developers and Building Managers reduce energy consumption while saving money by using high-efficiency products. Our experienced leadership team, transparent operational practices, and best-in-class services provide the best equipment to drive your business forward. We are also a strategically based company that helps our clients get the best products while also receive incentives and rebates to help get you started on your way to an easy project.

helping builders, developers & building managers reduce energy consumption while saving money


Water Tanks

Provide Hot Water for Less. Heating water accounts for approximately 15 percent of a home’s energy use. High-efficiency water heaters use 10 to 50 percent less energy than standard models, saving homeowners money on their utility bills

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters don’t store hot water; they heat water as it passes through a series of coils in the unit. Since the unit only heats water as you use it, a tankless heater is usually more energy-efficient than a traditional storage tank water heater. Reduces energy consumption by more than 30%.

Water Filter

Get our high-performance Whole-House Water Refiner. It reduces chlorine and protects you from chemicals and unwanted contaminants, Truly refined soft water for your home plus eliminate bad tastes & odour.

LED Lighting

LED lights are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting. LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light.